Thought- Knowledge you can find on the internet; but true wisdom comes only from God.

Scripture-”Wisdom makes one wise person more powerful than ten rulers in a city.” – Ecclesiastes 7:19

Insight: Why is it so important that we learn to apply Godly wisdom in our lives? Because without it we are destined for heartache and pain. We think we know the best path to take or the best plan for our lives, but many times the inputs that drive our decision making are incomplete and limited at best and that leads to bad outcomes for us, filled with negative consequences we never considered. Why? Because we mostly view things through a selfish lens of what is best for us. Godly wisdom teaches us that in God’s kingdom, true happiness comes from focusing on how we can use the gifts God has given us to benefit others. I struggled with this concept for years, and occasionally it still rears its ugly head. Why? Because I thought I had lots of knowledge and in my knowledge, I knew the best plan for my life. Boy was I wrong. On my own, I have no ability to deal with the pain and setbacks that occur in this life. Only with Gods wisdom have I finally learned to surrender to His plan, which is the best plan of all. It is not circumstantial, nor is it unreliable. It is a firm foundation, filled with the joy and contentment that was so elusive when I was depending on my knowledge to guide my life.

Prayer: Father God, we seek your wisdom. Our knowledge is not sufficient for the tasks you have chosen for us. Help us to seek your wisdom with all our hearts, minds and souls. A little of your wisdom goes in long way in protecting us from ourselves. Left to our own devices, we seek only pleasure for ourselves. But in your wisdom, you teach us that true happiness comes when we seek to use the gifts you have bestowed upon us to help others. Thank you for your Godly wisdom!

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