Our weakness, His strength

Thought- Our weakness reveals our need for His strength.

Scripture- “Who is this, robed in splendor, striding forward in the greatness of his strength? “It is I, proclaiming victory, mighty to save.” – Isaiah 63:1

Insight: Are you feeling weak right now, like your whole world is being turned upside down? Are you tired deep in your soul? If so, as weird as it sounds, I think you might be right in a place where God wants you to be. What choice do you have other than to rely on King Jesus’s strength? When we are literally too weak to stand from all the stress, pain and frustration we feel, we may be forced to our knees, and maybe that’s not such a bad thing after all. Maybe this is all part of His plan to take our faith deeper than it has ever been before, and to stretch us further than we have ever been stretched. It can sure feel that way sometimes in our lives. When we are as weak as we have ever been before, all we have to offer is to turn to the Rock of our salvation in Jesus. And when we do, His strength begins to flow through us and offers us the firm foundation we need to stand on in order to get through our darkest of days and most troubling of circumstances.

 The fact that God is mighty to save us from our weaknesses should be the joy we focus on when we realize that we are too weak to deal with certain things on our own. The Apostle Paul understood this so well that he had gotten to the point where he had learned to rejoice in his sufferings, for when he was weak, he knew that he must depend fully on God and that God alone was strong enough to pull him through any ordeal. In the Bible verse of the day above, the term mighty to save should give us great joy and comfort. We think of mighty in our world today in terms of brute strength and physical prowess. But in the original Hebrew text, the word for mighty is yasha, which indicates freeing, delivering, defending, preserving, rescuing, saving, victorious. In the grandest sense, yasha means that if we trust in the Lord, God will win. He wins in the very lives of the people he sets out to rescue from harm. Putting our faith in God alone can lead us to a new, better life. He alone can save. He alone can restore and redeem. Praise be to God for His power is made great in our weakness. I need that right now, and maybe so do you. Come Lord Jesus filled with your power.

Prayer: Father God, all I have right now is the strength of my relationship with you to sustain me. That is all I need when I allow my mind to not wonder for even one second from your great promises found in scripture. I pray in Jesus name amen!

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