Thought- Our outlook determines our outcome.

Scripture: ”As the Deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, Oh God.” – Psalm 42:1

Insight: How we process the things that happen to us is of much greater importance than what actually happens to us. We alone get to determine our attitude towards life. We can have a great attitude even when going through trying times and it will help us greatly in dealing with our difficulties. Likewise, we can be blessed beyond words yet still mope around all of our days feeling like the world still owes us something. In either case, the choice is up to us. We get to control very little in this world, but the things we can control can make all the difference in the outcomes of our lives.  The single most important thing we can control is our attitude. Our attitudes determine our altitude, and how high we soar, in life.

The Bible is full of stories that exemplify the truth of how our attitudes can shape our ultimate destiny. If anyone ever had a reason to be bitter or angry, it was Joseph; Sold into slavery by his own brothers, falsely accused of hitting on Potiphar’s wife, imprisoned in the horrible Egyptian jails. Man, did Joseph have a reason to be mad at God. But rather than spend his time grousing about his lot, he continued to praise God and keep his focus on the loving nature of the God he knew would rescue him someday. He refused to let himself spend his hours feeling sour, but instead focused on the character of God to sustain him and give him hope. What a role model Joseph is for us when we are doubting ourselves or are bitter with the circumstances, we find ourselves in. Like Joseph, we can also choose to focus on our blessings in God rather than on all the things that we feel betrayed about.

We attract people to us and likewise repel people away from us based on our attitudes. We can witness for Christ most effectively when we are appreciative for what we have, or when we handle difficult seasons of our life with grace and dignity. People are always watching our behaviors and will want to know how we are able to deal with abundance or lack in the same manner and with the same consistency and joy. We will be able to then talk about how God is our compass, our rock and our redeemer and we are just focusing our eyes on Him. Life isn’t about having what you want, it is about wanting what you have. I alone can always choose how I respond to any situation in my life. Sometimes I get depressed and I make mistakes with how I respond to certain disappointments in my life. But through Christ, I am learning to enjoy the day’s blessings for what they are and keep trying to overlook the betrayals and my own shortcomings. I can look at anything that happens in my life and say I am too blessed to complain. I can carry the joy of my Lord and Savior deep in my heart for all to see, letting his light and love shine through me like an hourglass. Or I can spend my time bemoaning what I feel the world owes me. In those instances, the list of things to complain about can seem endless. The great thing about living this life is I alone get to choose how I view my life and the world, and so do you. Too blessed to complain or sour hours? The choice is mine. And yours.

Prayer: Father God, help me to focus on you and be thankful for all the blessings in my life each day. I pray in Jesus name. Amen!

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